A unique compass application for IOS devices


What is Gyro Compass?

Gyro Compass is FREE and ADLESS compass application that designed for IOS devices.

In fact, Gyro Compass is not just a regular compass application. it's a bit more than that. With GPS and online map supported advanced compass mode you can also find you GPS location easily. It's a so simple but very effective application.

To get a more detailed impression about the application, please watch the presentation video.

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Designed for iPads and iPhones

Gyro Compass support IOS 7.1 and later versions and can be installed to all iPhones and iPads.
(Gyro Compass is not downloadable for iPods because of the absence of the magnetometer sensor.)
Gyro Compass's default features is free and if you wish you can buy additional features with in app purchase option inside the application.
There are lots of additional features inside that in app purchase package;

The features that you can access with in-app purchase;

  • Three more new compass designs for basic compass mode.
  • Maps can be rotated by hand in advanced compass mode.
  • Compass layer visibility can be adjusted in advanced compass mode.
  • You can add pins to the map and save them if you wish to the favorite locations list.
  • You can calculate the distances on the map according to your current GPS location changes.(It depends on the necessary background permissions that you gave to the app)
  • You can perform various types of area calculations on the map.
  • You can save all of the distance and area calculations that you've made to the favorite shapes list.
  • Favorite locations and shapes lists can be backed up to the iCloud and their content synchronized with other devices that use same iCloud account. (Depends on the configured iCloud account on device)
  • You can take screenshots in advanced compass mode, and if you wish you can save the image to your camera roll or share with others by using available sharing options.
  • You can share of your current GPS location or location of a pin with others by using available sharing options.
  • You can create and export "gyr" extensioned file from pins or shapes that belong calculations that you've made. The file that you created can also be shared with other Gyro Compass users.
  • You can import "gyr" extensioned files and display their content on the map which shared by the other Gyro Compass users.

Beautifully and well designed compass interfaces

Gyro Compass has five compass interfaces



Available on
App Store

Gyro Compass application is available in app store since 2012
and latest version 2.0 is available now on app store with many unique features.
Now you can download Gyro Compass application to your IOS device from app store link below.

Person behind the mix

Gyro Compass application developed and designed by Yasin TURKOGLU

YASIN TURKOGLU Developer and designer


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